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Am I More ‘Christian’ Than Her?

It happens pretty often. Sometimes, it’s a passing judgment; other times, it’s a passing thought that I am more “Christian” than my peers. I don’t deny that I struggle with my own sins, but I would always think that, at the very least, I am better off than someone whose sins seem more apparent, more horrendous—more sinful.

Cassandra Kanda: Rocking Christian Music

Written by Jasmine K., Singapore Think catchy riffs, deep bass…

Words Can Kill—Literally

Is telling someone to commit suicide a crime? According to the verdict of a landmark case in US, it is. For urging her boyfriend to take his own life via text messages that led to his suicide in 2014, Michelle Carter was found guilty of involuntary manslaughter this week.
Woman flipping through her notebook while holding a pen

A Letter To The Man of Few Words

It is late October. I am seven and barely 90 centimeters tall. You seem like a giant to me. I reach out to hold you and my tiny hands are engulfed by your smooth and strong palms.
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Why I Said No to Clubbing

Growing up in a Christian family, I was the typical good girl. I was obedient and submissive. When I was younger, I made all my choices and decisions based on the nodding (or shaking) of my parents’ heads. So, as you would imagine, even my fashion choices were wholly based on my mother’s style.

Janelle: Facing Pain with a Pen

Maybe it’s the warm and ready smile that is always on Janelle’s* face. Or perhaps, it’s her kind personality that makes everyone warm up to her. It’s hard to imagine that behind the smile and gentle demeanor lies a debilitating illness.

Why Am I Disappointed in Ministry?

I’ve always believed that hard work pays off. Sacrifices must be made—be it time, entertainment, or sleep—if results are to be expected. It is therefore no surprise to hear how many would stay up late to complete their assignments, edit their masterpieces, or study for an exam. I apply this attitude to both my studies and my involvement in Christian ministry.

Manchester bombing: Will we see justice?

It should have been an exciting close to a concert by Ariana Grande, with thousands of concert-goers gathering to hear the latest hits of the 23-year-old American pop singer.