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Girl staring out into the distance

Where Is God In The Midst Of Heartbreak?

I lay face down on my bed, soaking my pillow with tears. Crickets chirped and whirred, cloaked in the darkness outside my window. I drew the warm blanket over my head, wanting to keep the world out.

What Peace Is Not

I buried my head in my pillow. My tears had run dry over the past two days of sobbing over a break-up. I had gone through the various stages of heartbreak, denial, anger and finally acceptance.

When Success Leads to Dissatisfaction

In my part of the world, we have a Hokkien word to describe a sense of competitiveness and unwillingness to fail: Kiasu. Literally, it means “scared to lose”. Nobody likes to fail or lose.
Girl looking down thinking - what singleness can teach you about love

What Singleness Taught Me About Love

While having lunch with a girl friend one day, we touched on our favorite topic as single girls: relationships. Contrary to what many romantic drama serials and movies portray, the life of a single professional woman (especially if she is a Christian) is far from one of romance and constant social activity.