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Handling Transitions

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed when our transitions threaten the peace that Jesus has freely given us. Here are some helpful tips to help you navigate life’s hurdles and to meet with God in the midst of them.

Inspiring Words that Point Us to Jesus

Title: Inspiring Words that Point Us to Jesus Artwork by: @ofsoulandmelody Description: Getting…

Meeting God in Little Moments

About two years ago, I found myself often anxious, sad, and worried about many things. I prayed and asked God to draw me closer to Him, so that I could find peace and joy in my heart again. As I began to recognize His presence with me, my perspective shifted.

The Secret Place

Title: The Secret Place Materials: Painting Artwork by: Susanna…

Inspiration. Dreams. Passion

Title: Inspiration. Dreams. Passion Materials: Pencil Drawings Description:…