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In Remembrance of Me

Title: In Remembrance of Me Materials: Photography Description: Peer…

Artist Galih Suseno: Why Am I Painting

Meet Galih, a gifted artist who makes it his goal to create purposeful works. We've been deeply encouraged by his passion and talent, and we trust you will be too. Watch this video and get to know him better!

The 7 Christmas Scenes

A picture paints a thousand words. And so do these beautiful paintings. Marvel at the Christmas story once again through this set of 7 paintings by Galih, a passionate artist from Indonesia.

The 7 ‘I AM’s’

Title: The 7 'I Am's' Materials: Acrylic paint on board Dimensions: 90…


A picture paints a thousand words. Every stroke tells a story. See the bible brought to life by Galih, a gifted artist who hopes that his contemporary illustrations will bring all to a deeper appreciation of God’s truth.