In Remembrance of Me

Title: In Remembrance of Me
Materials: Photography
Peer Pressure. Opposition. Fleshly Desires. Despair. Uncertainty.
We’re all too familiar with these struggles.
So was He.

Thankfully, it doesn’t end here.
Because He died, we have hope.
Because He arose, we have life.
Because He’s coming back again, we can face tomorrow.

Painted by: Galih Reza Suseno, Indonesia
Written by: Reuben Teo, Singapore



Voices scream and coax and wail; my righteousness is a broken scale.
Pressured, pressed, I embrace the dark, and fully scorn the light.
But I cast my mind to the One I serve, the One whose standards never fail.
I’ll stand up and face my foes, and take a stand for what is right!




Pulled down, shoved to the dust,
Burdened by those I thought my friends.
Yet I look up and remember He who was crushed
For me and them, for us His life He spent.




I stumble on the road of life, my baggage weighs me down,
What once was thought as worth now only makes me frown.
Throw them aside, the hopes, the fears, throw away my sins,
Deny myself, take up my cross, and follow Him.



I’ve never felt so low before, I feel like I should end it all
My mistakes hold me down, can’t pull myself out at all.
Yet there’s One, who went through this all and came out even stronger.
So maybe I should shove it all aside and stand up even taller.


One life to live once, I live on the edge.
One life to live once, jump off every ledge.
One life to live once, and then death comes for me.
One death to die once, but then eternity.


So many beliefs, but what to believe?
The wisdom of the ancients, or the wisdom of my Lord?
Only one can I choose, wisdom of man or God.
So which is better, the temporal or the eternal?


A rich man sits in a lavish home, a poor man sits on the street;
One has everything, the other nothing
Yet this too shall pass and only one thing matters when with Jesus we meet–
The crown of glory surpasses any earthly thing.

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