Faces Of The World

Title: Faces Of The World
Materials: Graphite and Colour Pencil
Description: Ever wondered what life would be like if we were to be born in a different continent? 

What privileges would we enjoy? What challenges would we face?

May these beautiful drawings by Indonesian artist, Galih Suseno, give us an insight into the life of a young person in different parts of the world.

May our eyes be opened to the needs of our fellow brothers and sisters all over the world and may we be challenged to think, act, and pray.


48 countries
44.5 million square kilometres
4.4 billion people

Fun facts: The world’s most populated and largest continent has seven of the world’s 10 largest cities (by population), nine out of 10 of the world’s tallest buildings and both the highest (Mt. Everest) and the lowest (Dead Sea) points on earth.
Harsh realities: Unemployment, Lack of job opportunities with skills development, Inequality, Discrimination, Healthcare, Academic Pressure

For a local’s perspective on some of the social issues plaguing Asia, read:
A) I Have Depression and This Is What I Want You to Know by Wendy Wong,
B) Where Can We Find Safety in the midst of Suicide Attacks? by Morentalisa Hutapea and
C) What If Your Neighbour Is A Prostitute? by M.Tiong.


4 countries
8.6 million square kilometres
36 million people

Fun facts: It is the biggest island & smallest and driest inhabited continent. The world’s largest reef system, the Great Barrier Reef, is found off the north-eastern coast of Australia and most of Australia’s exotic flora and fauna cannot be found anywhere else in the world.
Harsh realities: Unemployment, Teen pregnancy, binge drinking, suicides, Obesity, body image, Domestic violence.


50 countries
10.1 million square kilometres
739-743 million people

Fun facts: Europe is named after a Phoenician princess. It is home to Greenland, the biggest island in the world and the airport in Brussels sells more chocolate than any other single location on Earth. The most visited place in Europe is Disneyland, Paris, and the escalators in London’s underground travel two times the circumference of the earth every week.
Harsh realities: Unemployment, Disinterest in politics, Youth radicalization.

For a local’s perspective on one of the social issues plaguing Europe, read “Why We Should Not be Politically Disengaged” by Alan Humphrey.


54 countries
30 million square kilometres
1.1 billion people

Fun facts: It is the hottest continent on earth with the world’s largest desert, the Sahara, which is almost the size of the United States. It is home to the largest land animal (African elephant), tallest animal (Giraffe), fastest land animal (Cheetah), largest reptile (Nile crocodile) and largest primate (Gorilla). There are fewer people with internet connections in Africa than there are in just New York City, The oldest human remains ever discovered were found in Ethiopia, at approximately 200,000 years old.
Harsh realities: Unemployment, Poverty, Poor education system, Healthcare: Treatment for HIV, Diseases, Crime, Identity Crisis

For a local’s perspective on one of the social issues plaguing Africa, read “The Secret Behind Faith and Hope” by Debra Ayis.

North America

23 countries
24.7 million square kilometres
565 million people

Fun facts: It is the only continent with every kind of climate, has the highest number of lakes and the largest freshwater body (Lake Superior) in the world. One more thing: it has the highest dog population in the world.
Harsh realities: Unemployment, Racism and societal discrimination, Crime and Violence, Drug and alcohol abuse, Suicide, Sexual Promiscuity, Materialism, Obesity.

For a local’s perspective on one of the social issues plaguing North America, read “Why We May All Be Guilty of Racism” by Michael Van Dyke.

South America

12 countries
17.8 million square kilometres
371 million people

Fun facts: Home to the largest rainforest in the world and the anaconda – the heaviest snake on earth. It contains more than 40% of the world’s plants and animals’ species and the Amazon River carries more water than any other river on earth.
Harsh realities: Poverty, Crime and Violence, Limited Access to Education, Poor Job prospects, Drug and alcohol abuse.

For a local’s perspective on one of the social issues plaguing South American, read “Broken and Shaken, but Far from Forsaken” by Isaac Benavides.

Jesus in the world

Our homes are different.
Our circumstances are different.
Our challenges are different.
But we’re humans all the same.

As we compare our differences, let’s embrace our uniqueness and look to the one who remains constant. He’s the one who gives hope in our darkest days and most intense struggles.