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When I Couldn’t Feel God

I glanced across the hall. There were hundreds of people, all from different states across Malaysia, gathered together for the annual convention organized by my church.
Couple looking away from one another

The Day My Boyfriend and I Fought

I was so mad at my boyfriend―let’s call him “T”.

5 Ways to Stop Envy

I believe that all of us, at one point or another, will compare our lives with others. I too have done this numerous times. As a member of the worship team in my church, I used to compare my singing ability with those of other singers, and based my self-worth on my ability to sing better than others.

When Money is Never Enough

After completing my Master’s degree in Kuala Lumpur, I decided to stay and work in the Malaysian capital instead of returning to my hometown in East Malaysia. There, I took on two jobs. On weekdays, I worked as a full-time secretary at a real estate firm, and on Saturdays, as an English teacher at a language center.

Six Years On and (Still) Surrendering to God

Written By Edna Ho, Malaysia Six years after accepting Christ,…

Waiting for God’s Timing

Any single lady will eventually come to a point in life where she questions whether the guy she is dating is the one she wants as her life partner.
Diet spelled out in vegetables

Diet and Prayer

Before the year of 2013 ended, I made my New Year resolution for 2014. I remembered one of the things I wanted to see happen is to be transformed by God to become a woman whose confidence and security come from the Lord,