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A woman looking out of the window with a mixed feeling during Christmas.

Celebrating Christ in the Shadow of Miscarriage

With “merry lattes” to go and gingerbread settlements taking over window displays, it is safe to say another Christmas has come calling. Yet, for me, it’s also another Christmas in the shadow of disease, social distancing, and degrees of despair.

It’s Okay To Feel Disappointed

Oftentimes, a deeper question lies at the root of our “whys”: we feel pained by what is happening, we know God is all-powerful, and so we don’t understand why God allowed it, why He doesn’t make things better. Is it okay to feel disappointed? Absolutely. Can we live with it and still trust God? Yes.

Faith in My Father’s Love

Remember when you were only very little, and your dad was so very tall and strong, and in your eyes, he was a superhero? Now that we’ve grown older and become more independent, how often do we turn to our dads for help? 

Gratefully Yours

New opportunities? Seize them. Difficult dilemmas? Move past them. Painful failures? Ignore them.

Carrying Our Crosses: What Is It Really About?

Many of us may think “carrying our crosses” is about enduring the hard things we bear in life, such as a difficult relationship, a physical or mental illness, or a dead-end job. 

You’re More Than Just Mom

Title: You’re More Than Just Mom Artwork by: YMI X Adrianne…