Carrying Our Crosses: What Is It Really About?

Title: Carrying Our Crosses: What Is It Really About?
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YMI x @davidetano
Description: Many of us may think “carrying our crosses” is about enduring the hard things we bear in life, such as a difficult relationship, a physical or mental illness, or a dead-end job. 

But when Jesus asked us to “take up the cross and follow Him” (Mark 8:34-35), He’s asking if we’re willing to die to ourselves—our plans, desires, and pride—to follow Him wholeheartedly. It’s about a daily decision to yield ourselves to Him so that we may become more like Him.

It’s not easy to count the cost and follow Him, but we’re assured that His love will equip us, guide us, and cheer us on. 

What does it look like to follow Christ in our everyday lives? Here are a few ideas.





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