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God's Shocking Reminder When I Felt Cheated by My Friend

I was very angry, and her reply played on my mind. But I reminded myself not to follow my emotions. I tried to calm myself by doing some exercises. That was when I felt like God saying to me in my heart: “Charles, aren’t you often like this?” “What do you mean, God?” I was confused.
Illustrated hand with a kleenex - why didn't I give more?

Why Didn’t I Give More?

Once, while my friends and I were having dinner, a skinny boy in a worn-out t-shirt and shorts approached us to sell tissue paper. Initially, we didn’t respond as we weren’t interested in buying any. But the boy, probably about 10, kept standing there, with a hopeful look on his face.

The Day I Was Saved by Unbelievers

Eighteen years ago, my carefree life turned into a living hell overnight. It was May 1998, and riots broke out in my city, Jakarta in Indonesia. They were triggered by economic problems including food shortages and mass unemployment.
Hands holding flower - when we never get what we want

Why We Never Get What We Want

As a child, I was a huge fan of the Donald Duck series. I enjoyed watching the silly antics of the main characters, like the greedy miser Uncle Scrooge, his rival Flintheart Glomgold, the lazy Donald Duck, and his three clever nephews.

Mike Mohede: A Life Well-Lived

I was shocked when I first heard the news: Mike Mohede, a 32-year-old singer who won Season 2 of Indonesian Idol, passed away yesterday at Premiere Bintaro hospital, Indonesia, from a heart attack.

How I Beat My Gaming Addiction

A few years ago, I was introduced to a mobile game called “Temple Run”. The objective was simple: Run for as long as you can (avoid falling off the cliff, crashing into an obstacle, or being attacked by some furry creature) while trying to complete as many missions along the way.

Church: No Perfect People Allowed

The sign I saw hanging outside a church intrigued me. It reminded me that nobody in this world is perfect—including those who go to church. If churches were only for perfect people, they would be empty.

Why I Decided to Keep Track of Every Trip I took in 2014

On new year’s day last year, I made a resolution to log all…