Why I Decided to Keep Track of Every Trip I took in 2014

On new year’s day last year, I made a resolution to log all my journeys for 2014. For every trip I took, I made a conscious and deliberate effort to track the distance and time covered. Friends who noticed asked why I bothered with logging such details. “I’m just keeping a record,” was how I usually replied.

365 days later, my completed record shows thousands of rows of data, which I then compiled to generate a report showing the overall figures for all the journeys I took last year. It was a real eye-opener and surprise when I learned that in 2014, I took a total of more than 1,000 journeys, spent almost 40 days on the road, and drove almost 10,000 kilometers! That’s a lot of travel for an average person.

Most of my travels took place in one of the most crowded cities in the world: Jakarta (which also happens to be where I live). One newspaper columnist in Indonesia commented that every second of being alive in Jakarta is a miracle. So to have survived the millions of seconds I spent on the road last year means I’d experienced millions of miracles!

This exercise proved another point—I usually take God’s protection for granted. Although I seldom asked God for protection during my journeys, God protected me nonetheless. It also reminded me of a quote a friend of mine mentioned recently: “This is the difference between God and humans. God gives, gives, gives, and forgives, while humans get, get, get, and forget.”

This year, let us be thankful for every little miracle God performs in our lives. Let’s start this new year with a thankful heart!

Written By Charles Christian for YMI

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