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Why Should We Persevere?

A few years ago, I met a man whose story challenged and inspired me. He came from a wealthy, influential family of a different faith. When he left home for college, he met Jesus and surrendered his life to Him.

Ox-picious Blessings That Last Beyond The ‘Niu’ Year

Charge into the niu year filled with God’s goodness, grace, and mercy! The niu year may bring with it niu challenges, but His mercies are niu every morning and a little faith can moo-ve mountains.

Are We Really #Blessed?

Recently, I was intrigued to learn that one of the hashtags that took social media by storm in the past few years wasn’t a new concept—or new word, for that matter. It was the word “blessed”. A quick scroll through Instagram will show at least 72 million posts tagged with #blessed.