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I Found Out I Was Autistic at 22

“You have Autism Spectrum Disorder,” the psychologist says to me while leaning over the table to hand me my 12-page diagnosis. I try to speak, but nothing comes out. There aren’t any words; just a rush of relief that floods through every part of me.
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Teaching Autistic Kids: When God Did the Unthinkable

It was Christmas, and we were performing a series of songs at the church café. When we finished, the crowd—an unusual mix of eager parents, curious pastors, and casual café-goers—erupted in applause. For the first time, we had successfully put up an item in a public space without any of our kids having a meltdown. But more than simply feeling relieved, I was also deeply moved because this was the first time our children publicly declared the hope of the gospel.
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Autism Awareness Day: How I Learned to Enter into Their World

He was having a very bad day. Something in his routine had changed. He was screaming, crying, and dashing around, hitting out at tables, the walls, and even his forehead.