Psalms in a Sum

Psalms in Sum: A Short Summary

Need psalm time to process what you’ve learned from the book of Psalms? Here’s a handy image that sums up the key truths of Psalms!

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If you could ask God for just one thing, what would that be?
YMI Reading Psalms Day 5 Featured Devo

YMI Reading Psalms Day 5: Don’t Tune Him Out

When I was a teenager, I wanted badly to be in a relationship, to have someone to share every thought and moment with, someone who would understand and love me.
YMI Reading Psalms Day 4 Featured Devo

YMI Reading Psalms Day 4: Sorry is the Hardest Word

In C. S. Lewis’s fantasy novel The Horse and His Boy, Aravis, a young girl of noble birth, flees her home to escape a forced marriage. She runs into the lion Aslan, lord of the land of Narnia, but does not recognise him.
YMI Reading Plan Day 3 Featured Devo

YMI Reading Psalms Day 3: When the Sadness Just Won’t End

I remember the lowest point in my life. I was in the throes of depression, and nights were the worst, when my thoughts were the loudest and I felt the loneliest.
YMI Reading Psalms Day 2 Featured Devotional

YMI Reading Psalms Day 2: When the One Thing You Want Falls Through

Months ago, I landed an interview for a job I really wanted. I had been seeking God for a long time about the next step in my career, so the interview felt like He was finally answering my prayer.
YMI Reading Psalms Day 1 Featured Image

YMI Reading Psalms Day 1: Who Is This God We Pray to for Help

I find myself calling on God whenever I’m restless or distressed, yet deep down I don’t always reach that point of trust, of truly relying on Him.