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The Day My Sister Got Married

Ever since my sister got attached, I have been anticipating her wedding and the prospect of her starting a family. Imagine my joy when my sister told me that her boyfriend had proposed to her.

Craving A Father’s Love

I always feel a tinge of envy whenever I see a doting father chatting and laughing with his child. I have never had such happy memories. When I was 11 years old, my parents divorced after my father had an affair.

Learning to Accept My Broken Family

“My biggest mistake in life is marrying you!” Since I was in kindergarten, I would often hear my parents hurl that statement at each other; they fought right before our eyes.

When We Take our Families for Granted

Recently, I started watching an exciting Korean drama, “School 2015: Who Are You”. It tells the story of a pair of orphaned twin girls, Eun-Byeol and Eun-Bi, who were separated at birth.

Honoring My Parents From Afar

For the past eight years, I’ve been living away from home. In 2007, l left Fuzhou, China, to pursue my studies; I now have a Master’s degree and a job in Shanghai. Save for the winter and summer breaks when I make short trips back home to visit my parents and younger sister, I’m not with them most of the time.

My Family’s 5 Most Annoying Habits

I come from a family of five, comprising four women and one man. We have our fair share of annoying habits: those we used to have, those we still have, and those I do not even want to imagine we might develop in future.

Thriving in a Single-Parent Family

My parents separated when my brother had just turned three and…

The Struggle To Love My Dad

I cannot remember a time when my dad played a significant part…

What My Ideal Family Looks Like

I had always wished that I was an Eurasian, so I would have nice…