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A Family Crisis that Redeemed Me

Three years ago, I was involved in a family dispute. My willful, unforgiving, and prideful character deeply hurt my family and it reached a stage that I eventually left home.
Crow peering out over the grand canyon

The Day I Compared My Mum to a Crow

“My mother is like a watchful crow” began the poem I had written as a gift for my mom. I was convinced it would bring her tears of joy—amazed by the exquisite talent of her 7-year old daughter.
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Broken and Shaken, but Far from Forsaken

I grew up in Chile; life was good then. My father had an important position in a large company and my mother worked as an army nurse. We led a carefree existence in a neighborhood away from civilization.
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The Secret I Wish I Never Found Out

Every night, I would come home to see my parents hunched over their dinners, eyes glued to the television screening the latest Korean drama serial. It’s always the same storyline: two love birds entangled in a web of secrets waiting to be discovered.
Girl looking down contemplating why she is not loved

Mom, why don’t you love me?

Throughout my childhood and teenage years, I felt unloved by my mother—the person I was supposed to be the closest to. Instead of showing me love, she often scolded me and used words that hurt me deeply.
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A 7 Year Wait for God’s Answer

My parents separated when I turned seven. It did not occur to me, however, that a broken family was not the norm; in any case, I never hated my life. My maternal grandmother, who brought me up, was a fervent Christian who taught me to pray before I went to bed.

A Tribute to My Mother

My mother is one of the most amazing women I know. After my father died in 2011, she remained strong for the sake of her three children, making and selling Indonesian desserts known as “Lapet” and “Es Buah” to support us.

A Letter From My Father

On one of my free days, I decided to clear some of the drawers in my room. As I was sorting through some old letters in one of my drawers, I stumbled on a letter I had not seen in a long while and had clean forgotten about.

How I Survived Sharing a Room with my Sister

For almost my entire life, I’ve shared a room with my younger sister. And as anyone who’s in the same plight would know, this pretty much means constant mutual antagonism.