Knowing Christ

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Do We Die Alone?

Granny lay breathless on her bed, making occasional groans and moans due to the pain and discomfort she was feeling. Her wrinkled face seemed to have aged further.

Jesus Didn’t Just Come to Die

It was the start of the Holy Week. But he was withdrawn, quiet, and visibly tired. Though he had his ups and downs, I had never seen him more downcast than this.

The Day I Could No Longer Deny Jesus

“Do you want to know about the Truth?” my religion study teacher asked my friend and I one afternoon recess. We were in the teacher’s room

Is Jesus our Significant Other?

Unlike many of my peers at college, I did not receive a purity ring* from my family or church when I was in high school. I know that if I had asked for one, I would have been given one

Why I Have Hope (Despite a Terrible Year)

I recently came across an article that reported that Planet Earth, a popular BBC nature and wildlife documentary, has racked up more millennial viewers—myself included—than reality TV shows like The X Factor.

Why I Look Forward to Heaven

Stories have been a part of my life since I was a kid. Before I could read, my grandpa and my mum used to read them to me. When I was old enough to read on my own, I would be found in the company of books for hours.

Mary: Extravagant, Because He's Worth It

Any moment now. Her heart leapt with joy as she caught a glimpse of Him. There He was, reclining at the table with Simon the Leper. Oh, how different it felt whenever He was in the room!

Are You Satisfied With Your Life?

My growing up years were tough. When my parents got divorced, my brothers and I stayed with my dad, and we had to share a bedroom in a friend’s house for some time.

What Does Jesus Mean to You?

As everyone shared his or her story, I asked myself who Jesus was to me. Who is Jesus to you? Do you need someone to carry your burdens? He Will.