Why I Look Forward to Heaven

Written By Tabita Cioloca, Romania

Stories have been a part of my life since I was a kid.

Before I could read, my grandpa and my mum used to read them to me. When I was old enough to read on my own, I would be found in the company of books for hours. Sometimes I would even read in bed, shining a torchlight under the blanket so that I wouldn’t disturb my sleeping grandma. Reading with a torchlight also added a sense of adventure. I enjoyed being able to be someone else, to be part of adventures I could never experience without the help of books.

I was particularly intrigued in sci-fi, fantasy, and fairy tales—and the biblical book of Revelation. But my interest in the apocalypse also gave me nightmares about monsters and beasts. As a child, I knew that God was powerful, but I didn’t have a personal relationship with Jesus. One of my biggest fears was that I would not be able to survive the last days when the anti-Christ came to earth.

As I grew older, I started wondering why there was so much difference in what was said about the end times. Who had the real answer? Could anyone claim to be able to predict the future? While reading books gave me some answers, the contradictory accounts triggered even more questions. Some of them seemed like fairy tales, or appeared to say something else apart from what God promised—which, given my inclination towards fiction, I was tempted to believe.

But since knowing Jesus personally and experiencing His love, peace, and answer to prayers, I have come to be convinced that the Bible is true. In moments of doubt or temptation, remembering that Jesus prevailed amid temptation by holding onto God’s word has been a huge encouragement. I can also draw strength from the words and promises that Jesus gave us, including those about the end times.

Recently, my fellowship group has been studying the book of Revelation and I have been amazed by the richness of the symbolism and references used to describe the end times. Jesus is said to be returning on a white horse, which represents royalty and power. Another fact that struck me is that in the New Jerusalem, there is no church. That is a unique image—a city without a cathedral. In heaven, we won’t need to have a specific place to meet God. Communion with Him will be intimate and unlike anything we’ve experienced.

While I know that not everyone will agree on the details when it comes to the matter of Christ’s return—how and when—knowing that He is definitely coming is a blessed assurance. Knowing that all the beauty we see now, such as the sheer majesty of clouds and the brilliance of rainbows, will be intensified when we reach heaven brings me a sense of peace like no other.

I’m currently completing my university studies in Scotland and one of my dreams is to be able to see the Northern Lights. Unfortunately, I’ve missed numerous opportunities to see it. Though that disappoints me, knowing that I will be able to see even prettier things than the Northern Lights one day brings me great comfort and joy. On top of that, knowing that Jesus himself will be physically present and that we will see Him face to face warms my soul.

If the beauty of creation marvels you, remember that there is a lot more to come! Yes, heaven is real— more real than our feelings, and more imminent than we can possibly imagine.

Are you ready to meet the King of Kings? Are you ready to rejoice over His magnificent new creation? Are you ready to experience His love more deeply than you ever did? Are you ready to feel His touch and embrace?

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  1. Samuel Mwaura
    Samuel Mwaura says:

    I read somewhere in the book of proverbs that the heavens belong to the lord but the earth that has been given to men when Jesus was ready for his appointment with the cross he told the disciples that where I go none of you can follow me … Philip asked Jesus show us the father but Jesus didn’t like the qn … he replied how long shall I be with you if u have seen me you have seen the father … hero’s asked Jesus are u the Messiah speak up!!! Jesus said yes I am when the time comes you will see the son of man seated on the right hand of the majesty of heaven … part one !!!! part two Jesus when praying for his disciples he said I am going to the father but I leave my friends behind should I pray that they be removed from the earth??? no I pray that while they remain on the earth father protect them from the enemy of their souls !!!!! what am I going on about??? Paul said that my soul is poured out like wine and I am ready to go home but for ua sake I will tarry abit longer ….. we have a job to do while we remain alive the heavens belong to God the earth has been given to us men !!!!


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