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ODJ: evil

The problem of evil is the No. 1 reason people give for not believing in God. They assume that a good God would not allow for evil to exist, and an omnipotent God would be able to keep it out, so the existence of evil means God is either not all good or not all powerful. And so they conclude that there is no God.
› Luke 21:25-38

ODJ: indicted or invited?

There are two ways most people tend to read the Bible. One is to read it mostly as an indictment of the human race. In other words, we’re sinful rebels who are determined to find life apart from God.

When you read the Bible, consider yourself invited. —Jeff Olson

ODJ: rescue required

What do you get when you cross a Frisbee with a life belt? The answer is an invention called a “ResQDisc”. When a rescuer throws it to a drowning person, the light, durable cord inside uncoils, allowing the person to be pulled to safety. The device allows a rescuer to aid someone without jumping into the water himself.

› Matthew 23:1-39

ODJ: true identity

Peter Chiarelli, the second highest ranking American army officer, attended a formal dinner last year. Valerie Jarrett, a presidential adviser, was seated at a table when Chiarelli passed behind her. Chiarelli’s uniform had a stripe down the side of the trousers, almost identical to the waiting staff’s uniform. Seeing only his striped pants, Valerie asked General Chiarelli for a beverage. With

ODJ: starting with prayer

On 21 November 1835 George Müller wrote,“Today I have had it very much impressed on my heart, no longer merely to think about the establishment of an orphan house, but actually to set about it, and I have been very much in prayer respecting it, in order to ascertain the Lord’s mind.”

› Luke 20:20-40

ODJ: the right way

Lance Armstrong was on top of the world. He’d wonthe coveted Tour de France seven times. He’dbeaten cancer and had seen his charity, Livestrong, become an acclaimed source of help for cancer patients. But then the walls came tumbling down. It was revealed that Armstrong had led a doping programme on his teams during his career. And, just like that, he was stripped of his Tour

ODJ: london fog

When a man is tired of London, he is tired of life,” declared Samuel Johnson, “for there is in London all that life can afford.”
› Matthew 21:28-46

ODJ: your story

As we make decisions in response to everydaysituations, we don’t usually stop to unpack the why behind the what of our choices. We typically respond based on what we see; and, in doing so, we forget that almost every situation has a story behind it.
Mark 11:20-33 ‹

ODJ: a man like us

Ordinary people from tiny towns aren’t usually highly celebrated. Few are remembered long after they’re gone. The prophet Elijah, however, is an exception. The New Testament authors mentioned him more than any other Old Testament prophet.
Wait a minute—the prophet Elijah was an ordinary guy? Well, he did accomplish some extraordinary things—such as raising a boy from the d