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ODJ: marriage changes you

When we’re in love we easily overlook the flaws in the person we hope to marry. This is good when the flaw is small, but it’s bad when the flaw is more serious—such as a habit of rudely interrupting people or of not going to church. You might put up with a future spouse’s shortcoming because you think that once you’re married you’ll change the one you love. Don’t count on it. Irritat

ODJ: shame and inheritance

In 2013 the Catholic Church in Venezuela reported that it was running out of wine to celebrate Mass because of a nationwide shortage. This reminds me of another shortage of wine that took place in the village of Cana where Jesus was attending a wedding.

The wine supply ran out during the festivities and Jesus’ mother told the servants to do whatever He commanded (John 2:5). Jesus

ODJ: gentle heart

Recently I was forced to bring my car to a complete stop on a busy road. A man in front of me had slammed on the brakes of his van, interrupting the flow of traffic. He climbed out of his van, walked to the front of the idling vehicle and stooped to pick something up. As he passed in front of my halted car, I could see that he was carrying a tiny turtle that he proceeded to place gently at the ba

ODJ: gradual catastrophe

Scott and Robin began to worry when cracks appeared in the walls of their home. Over the course of 2 weeks, the fractures widened until their garage dropped away from their house. The rest of their property shifted and eventually sank 10 feet below street level. Then eight of their neighbours endured the same gradual catastrophe, linked to underground leakage from a local water system.

ODJ: the words we pray

As I was growing up, my parents made sure we prayed before evening meals. Sitting around the kitchen table, my siblings and I would bow our heads as either Dad or Mum would pray.

I remember liking it when Dad prayed. His prayers were generally short and to the point. But it was a different story when Mum prayed. She not only took the opportunity to thank our heavenly Father for pr

ODJ: temple or idol?

After recent trips to two different amusement parks, I realised that our broken sense of sexuality is most visible in public places, not our bedrooms. People are in love with their own nakedness. I live in a region known for its hot summers, but what people choose to wear is more about the dictates of cultural norms than keeping cool.

From bare skin to a scarcely veiled sensuali

ODJ: the three Cs

I recently heard a speaker who had engaged in an immoral lifestyle in his younger years, but later received Jesus as his Saviour. He now oversees a thriving ministry. In his talk he described “three Cs” that should comprise intimate relationships.

He said many people rush to the first two Cs: Chemistry and Compatibility. They don’t take the time to make sure th

ODJ: firm foundations

From the window of my office in Singapore, I observed that a plot of land was being excavated to make way for a new building. But for many months the building project didn’t seem to make much progress, despite a flurry of activity.

Apparently the engineers weren’t too happy with the foundation. So they employed various techniques over a lengthy period of time to ensure that it wa

ODJ: sexual freedom

Nearly half of the children born in my country are born to unwed mothers. One million more are aborted each year. Teenagers can purchase over-the-counter ‘morning after’ pills. The Supreme Court in America has ruled that men may marry men and women may marry women and anyone who says otherwise is injuring them. Few people think they should wait for marriage to have sex and many who do marry s