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ODJ: here comes . . .

I was driving my family to a relative’s home when I was pulled over for speeding. I had been driving faster than the suspiciously low speed limit, so there wasn’t much I could say. But when I learned that my insurance rate would skyrocket due to the ticket, I contacted the prosecutor and asked for a compromise. He agreed, and soon a court document arrived in the post. It began, “Here comes M

ODJ: unusual warfare

In 1980 a woman hopped on a bus during a marathon. No big deal—except for one small detail. She was supposed to be running in the marathon! Later she jumped back in the race—much too early, as it turned out, for she finished well ahead of the other female competitors. Questions soon arose when it became apparent that she didn’t look like someone who had just run a marathon. In fact,

ODJ: roadside theology

Travelling south on a motorway, I passed a billboard that presented this ominous message: “HELL IS REAL”. I agreed with the words, but for some reason that roadside theology lesson didn’t linger in my mind. However, returning north on the same route I was jolted by the words on the flipside of the billboard: “JESUS IS REAL”. These two truths posted back-to-back made me ask myself, Wh

ODJ: God knows you

Collectors Weekly recently posted a fascinating series of pictures of the contents of suitcases left behind by deceased patients of the Willard Asylum for the Chronic Insane between 1910 and the 1960s. The images tell stories but leave many questions. One suitcase held a woman’s collection of whimsical hairbrushes, packed next to a small straw broom. Another suitcase held a clock, a tub

ODJ: actions and adventure

I found the experience remarkably similar to driving in Uganda, where I dodge chickens, goats, cattle, boda-bodas, matatus and pedestrians—all the while going up, down and around crater-sized potholes and other obstacles. So while D-BOX was fun, I wonder why I paid for an experience that I get for free on a daily basis!
It’s true. Our actions reveal God working in and through us, and the

ODJ: know your enemy

A recent pop song contains these lyrics: “Do youknow the enemy? Do you know your enemy?Well, gotta know the enemy.”
Yes, know your enemies, but also know that God wants you to love them. —Tom Felten

ODJ: still in process

After 18 years of marriage I thought I had a pretty good handle on how to love my husband. Trials, children and the hand of God had significantly affected change in our relationship in countless ways. But gentle promptings from the Lord to pick up a particular book on love continued to interrupt my daily activities. Noticing the book when it first hit the market, I knew it would be a great resou

ODJ: trust & obedience

When I was training as an army officer, I was taught that I could use artillery or air strikes to neutralise enemy forces before the actual engagement of a ground offensive. The objective was to damage the enemy’s fighting capabilities, create fear and demoralise the enemy troops before ground combat began.

› Matthew 25:31-46

ODJ: timely advice

I saw a group interacting with others outside my train station—sharing Scriptures with anyone who would listen. A group member approached and asked me to take a survey. One question referred to Revelation 22:17. She asked, “Who do you think is the ‘bride’?” I said, “The church.” She replied, “Read the text carefully. It’s God, the Mother.”
Matthew 25:1-30 ‹