Typography: Hebrews 10:23

God might not be changing your circumstances how you would like Him to, but don’t lose hope. God is shaping you and molding you into the person He created you to be, and it’s going to be beautiful. No matter how dark things seems right now, hold tight and know that God loves you deeply. Let us keep worshipping Him, trusting that He will bring us through even the most difficult days.

Taken from https://ymi.today/2019/05/3-ways-to-worship-god-during-tough-times/

Artwork by Phoebe Raymundo (@pbinthesea)

Typography: Isaiah 25:1

In Isaiah 25:1–5, after prophesying Israel’s punishment and subsequent deliverance from her enemies, the prophet praises God for His plans. All these “wonderful things,” Isaiah notes, had been “planned long ago” (v. 1), yet they included some arduous times. It can be hard to hear God saying no, and even harder to understand when we’re praying for something good—like someone’s deliverance from a crisis. That’s when we need to hold on to the truth of God’s good plans. We may not understand why, but we can keep trusting in His love, goodness, and faithfulness.

Artwork by Phoebe Raymundo (@pbinthesea)

Typography: Matthew 11:29-30

Find rest for your souls. For my yoke is easy and my burden is light. [Referenced Matthew 11:29-30]

Are you worn out from ongoing problems? Are you weighed down with stress and worry? Jesus is the only real solution. Approaching the Lord in prayer allows us to cast our burdens on Him so that He can sustain us (Ps. 55:22). Today, ask Him to assist you with everything. As we humble ourselves, Jesus comes alongside us. By helping you with your burdens, He can supply rest for your soul, for His yoke is easy and His burden is light (Matt. 11:29-30). Are you in need of Jesus’ help? He says, “Come to Me . . . . Take My yoke upon you and learn from Me” (Matthew 11:28-29). He longs to put His arm around you.

Artwork by @pbinthesea

Typography: Psalm 31:7

When we hold on to hope, we are holding on to a lifeline which will see us through the storms of life, through disappointment, hurt, and hardship. With hope as the anchor of our soul, we can walk away from the most tumultuous time in our lives, and say, “God, who is hope, has held me.”

Taken from https://ymi.today/2015/04/why-i-didnt-give-up-on-hope/

Artwork by Phoebe Raymundo (@pbinthesea)