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Woman leader sitting on her desk working.

What Does God Think of Strong Women?

Some of you are shocked, and maybe a little offended, that I would ask this question because your instinctive response is, Of course God values strong women.

The Women We Think We HAVE to Be (and Who God Really Calls Us to Be)

This International Women’s Day, we’re inviting you to come with us as we admire from afar the many amazing model women we feel we should be…

What if God Made Me Pretty?

I am short, stocky, and average-looking. When I was growing up, people used to comment about how flat my nose was. A friend even told me that my nose looked like it had been hit by something.
Elisabeth Elliot staring into the distance

Why Elisabeth Elliot Matters

A prolific speaker and writer, Elisabeth was one of the most influential Christian women of our time, best known for her writings about missions, gender roles, romance, and living right with God.