The Women We Think We HAVE to Be (and Who God Really Calls Us to Be)

Title: The Women We Think We HAVE to Be (and Who God Really Calls Us to Be)
Artwork by: YMI X @thecolourjar_co
Description: This International Women’s Day, we’re inviting you to come with us as we admire from afar the many amazing model women we feel we should be…

After all, there has never been a better time to be a woman. We have the right to vote, an education, and the ability to carve out our own careers—or even climb up the corporate ladder, if we wanted to.

However, the expectations on women haven’t diminished–the modern career woman is also expected to bear children, look after her family, and be a domestic goddess. How it is possible for us to do it all?!

You might recognise a few “faces” as we stroll through this hall of fame of amazing, model women. You may have, at one point, wished you were them, or perhaps aimed to be like them. 

But you don’t have to feel guilty or condemned that you aren’t like them, or that you aren’t doing “more”. The most important thing to ask yourself is–who are you in God?


Illustration of 2 women at a gallery

text on expectations placed on women

Illustration of a women-the change maker

Illustration of a woman-The glass ceiling smasher

Illustration of a woman-the overachiever

Illustration of a woman-the sustainability warrior

Illustration of a woman-the 'I can do all things through christ' woman

Illustration of a woman-the super soccer mum

Text proclaim His goodness

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