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A woman looking out of the window with a mixed feeling during Christmas.

Celebrating Christ in the Shadow of Miscarriage

With “merry lattes” to go and gingerbread settlements taking over window displays, it is safe to say another Christmas has come calling. Yet, for me, it’s also another Christmas in the shadow of disease, social distancing, and degrees of despair.

My Womb May Be Barren, But Not My Heart

This Christmas was supposed to have been different for my family. I should have entered the last trimester of a pregnancy that had taken my husband and I by absolute surprise and awe. Our daughter should have seen in my growing belly proof that her prayers for a sibling had been heard. Instead, I found myself in pain.

3 Ways to Keep Your (Digital) Sundays Sacred

2020 is proving to be the year of pause and reset. While the first half had most of the world limping under lockdown, the second phase has seen us emerge from it embracing the “new normal” of social distancing, masks, and hand sanitizers. For the body of Christ, this list also includes virtual church services. 
Person on top of the mountain with their hands out wide

How Psalm 121 Speaks to COVID-19

As believers, we are called to walk in the shelter of the truth and not dance to the distressing rhythm of reality. As we all suffer to some degree or another, let’s remember the hope we have in our God, our Help, and look to Psalm 121, which calls us to behold Him for who He is.

The Biggest Threat to Your Spiritual Growth is You

I have found the biggest threat to my spiritual growth to be me, trying to work out the challenges I face by my own flesh. I have wasted much time trying to find answers on websites instead of God’s Word.