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A Heart of Gratitude

In his memoir Townie, novelist Andre Dubus III shared that his father, also a renowned writer, would write every single morning.

Coronavirus Pandemic: I'm Afraid, and I Don't Even Know Why

Last night, the panic rose to a new level as the governor ordered all K-12 schools in the state to close for three full weeks. This morning, I woke up to the first three confirmed cases right here in my own city.

When the Going Gets Tough . . . Give Thanks!

Giving thanks in all circumstances. It seems easier when things are going well and worry seems far. But as I’ve thought about thankfulness more deeply recently, I’ve pondered how we can make sense of this command when life is crashing around us.

9 Things We Are Hardly Thankful For

Title: 9 Things We Are Hardly Thankful For Artwork by:YMI Description: What…

I Was Wrong About Thanksgiving

I used to think Thanksgiving was cute, like little handprint turkey art projects from third graders. Thanksgiving was mildly entertaining, like whatever football game is on TV when you fall asleep after too much turkey.

Why I Decided to Keep Track of Every Trip I took in 2014

On new year’s day last year, I made a resolution to log all…

Why Is It So Difficult to Say Thank You?

Saying “thank you” is something we don’t do naturally. I remember my parents reminding me to say “thank you” every time I received a gift, whether it was for a present that I was really excited about or a simple gesture that someone showed.

Why Thanksgiving Leads to a Fulfilling Life

It has been said that the best things in life are the simplest things. Like seeing the radiant smile of a toddler in the midst of a busy street,
Family spelled out in colorful letter blocks

Why There's No Better Family than One with Christ

I come from a family of five—there’s my father, mother, two older sisters and me. Together we’re dysfunctional, disorganised, lazy and sometimes crazy. But behind it all, we’re a very loving bunch.