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A line of people getting ready to run

Just Keep Running

We may not see ourselves as the “sporty” sort, but we’re “athletes” in our faith race with a specific track that Jesus has set before us to finish.
Roger Federer holding the tennis racket

Roger Federer: Moving On with Grace

In the world of tennis, September 2022 will go down in history as the end of an era—the retirement of Roger Federer.

What the Olympics is Really About

What would you do if you accidentally collided into a fellow competitor in the most important race of your life? Get up as quickly as possible and try to make up for lost time? Or stop and help your fellow competitor up?

A Former Olympian: The Greatest Race of My Life

I started running at a young age—I used to break things at home because I was always knocking into them. Naturally, my mum wasn’t pleased so she got me to play downstairs instead. That’s when I started playing catching with the other kids.
Woman sitting in the stands of a football match

What type of football fan are you?

The World Cup season has revealed a host of different football fans that exist; all intently watching the matches for many different reasons.

Unity in diversity

By Stanley Lee With the World Cup tournament in full motion,…