What type of football fan are you?

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The World Cup season has revealed a host of different football fans that exist; all intently watching the matches for many different reasons. Upon closer inspection, many interesting parallels can be drawn from it to provide deeper insight into our Christian walk.

Addicted Fan
Football News Daily, Football Gossips, Live Football matches, ESPN, jerseys after jerseys, football club member, visit to your team’s home ground. The mere mention of the word “football” is enough to send shivers down your spine. Is this you?
Does your relationship with God fill you with excitement as well?

Loyal Fan
They’ve lost the premiers, they’ve lost good players, but you have not lost hope. Your loyalty to the football team is like a dog is to a man.
Will you be just as loyal and stand strong in the face of adversity?

Sideline Referee Fan
You stand up angrily, pointing a finger towards the referee in the TV screen, giving your every comment on how you are certain that it was a foul play.
Are you quick to pass judgement? Perhaps it’s time to give your attitude a check.

Passionate Fan
Your heart starts racing, your eyes glued on the ball, you felt a goal coming but there was no goal.
Life can be disappointing at times. Are you fully relying and coming to God in true passion and desire?

Fake Fan
You went round to your friend’s home for a football match, you can’t help but feel pressured into cheering and fitting in as a football fan, just to impress your girlfriends.
We can’t continue with this, it is time our actions are mirrored with our inner spiritual being.

Newbie Fan
You have experienced the glorious, defining moment where you knew which football team to follow and stay true to.
How was your defining moment with Jesus, the day you decided to follow Him?

Proud Fan
Remember the time your football team won, couple of goals ahead of the losing team. You jumped repeatedly with your t-shirt over your head with the loudest cheer your lungs can give. You held your head up high for at least a week.
Are we proud to shout it out to the world, that Jesus is the way, the truth, and the life?

So, what kind of fan do you think you are?

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