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A hand holding a Malaysia Passport

Which Quirky Malaysian Are You? (The Malaysia Day Edition)

Ah Hari Malaysia. It’s the day that gets us all brimming with pride as we unite and celebrate all the wonderful things we love about Malaysia. 
Kids on a bowl of "Ica Kacang"

Let’s Not Give Up on Malaysia

It may feel like there’s nothing much for us to celebrate this Malaysia Day (especially while COVID’s kept us stuck at home!), but the past year has shown us there’s still much we can thank God for. Though we’ve experienced many ups and downs as a nation, we’ve continued to see the Malaysian spirit on display as we’ve bounced back from challenge after challenge. This Malaysia Day, let’s look back on how we’ve grown stronger as a nation, and celebrate the different ways we’ve come together to help each other cope during this difficult time. And let’s commit our beloved tanah air into God’s hands, trusting Him to help us grow as a caring and united nation What’s one harapan you have for Malaysia this year? Share it with us in the comments below!

A (Foodie's) Love Letter to Malaysia

In this love letter to Malaysia, we let our favorite food do the talking, and share our hopes and dreams for a better, more caring Malaysia. As you gather with family and friends at home, in your favorite mamak, or over a yum cha session, and reflect on how far we’ve come as a nation over the past 57 years, we hope it reminds you how in-kueh-dibly diverse and unique our nation is!