A hand holding a Malaysia Passport

Which Quirky Malaysian Are You? (The Malaysia Day Edition)

Title: Which Quirky Malaysian Are You? (The Malaysia Day Edition)
Artwork by: YMI
Description: Ah Hari Malaysia. It’s the day that gets us all brimming with pride as we unite and celebrate all the wonderful things we love about Malaysia. 

This Malaysia Day, let’s take a look at the different types of people that make up our #KeluargaMalaysia (see if you can spot yourself in these descriptions!) and reflect on the shared experiences and kinship that have tied us together over the past 59 (and more!) years.

And let’s continue to build on that foundation and sow into our nation not just on Hari Merdeka or Malaysia Day–but every day of the year, no matter where we’re at.


A hand holdingx a Malaysia Passport

A car stuck in jam

A woman working in oversea and eating Maggie when OT

A few guys supporting Team Malaysia in Mamak

An uncle dabao a lot of food in mamak stall

A man is feeling "sentimental" when watching National Day parade

Uncle bring a lot of food and durian to his Indian friend

Children in school

Malaysia Flag and prayer

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