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5 Ways The Church Is Changing and How We Can Adapt

Two years into the global pandemic, it has become clear that the church will not be returning to what it once was—a gathering primarily based in a physical location. “That church” has “left the building”.
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Misunderstood and Maligned, But God Had a Bigger Lesson for Me

It all started when, as part of my Urban Studies course in the seminary, we interviewed organisations working with foreign domestic workers, migrant workers, and others. Hearing all the stories about unfair treatment, abuse, depression, and other struggles kept me awake at night.

Editor’s Picks: Top 3 Articles | Social Issues

It's impossible to turn a blind eye to the social issues happening all around us. For centuries, societies have had to deal with perennial issues like unemployment, crime and violence, and poverty.
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Should Christians Get Involved in Causes?

Everybody loves a good cause. We all want to fight for something, champion it, believe in it, and convince people of it. You need only to surf the web for a few minutes to stumble across somebody ranting about something or wanting to change how something is being done.