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It’s impossible to turn a blind eye to the problems all around us.

For centuries, societies have had to deal with perennial issues like unemployment, crime and violence, and poverty. Those aside, there seems to have been a rise of others like terrorism and discrimination (of different forms) recently.

Like it or not, we are all affected in one way or another. And there appears to be no end to the problems we face in our world.

How then should we respond to them? Can we as Christians make any difference?

Here are three articles that give a refreshing perspective to some of the issues we face in our world today.


Should Christians Get Involved in Causes?

Everybody loves a good cause.  We all want to fight for something, champion it, believe in it, and convince people of it. You need only to surf the web for a few minutes to stumble across somebody ranting about something or wanting to change how something is being done . . . As Christians, should we follow the latest trends and campaigns on social media? Should we join in the “fight”?


After Such Horrific Attacks, What Hope is There?

It’s hard to keep track of everything that has been said about Paris, Beirut, terrorism, and the state of our world in the past few days. So many perspectives have been raised, and so many emotions evoked. But what the recent spate of horrific attacks has really highlighted is this: everyone is susceptible.

Nobody is immune; nobody is safe these days anymore.


How Should We Respond to Illness?

Many people struggle to make sense of their illnesses, and worry about how long they have to endure the illness, and how their lives would turn out. Having struggled through such adversities with my patients and their families, I’ve learned that what’s important is how people respond to their illnesses and try to make sense of them.

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