Should I Stay Single?

It was my first real relationship. After it became clear that we weren’t compatible, I decided to end it. The only problem was I had never been in a serious relationship before, and the thought of breaking up with someone terrified me. So I did what any immature and scared guy would do—I broke up with her on the phone. I know; not cool. But don’t worry, it gets worse.

5 Life Hacks for Singles

Once I crossed the 20-year-old mark some years ago, I started to feel the pressure to get into a relationship. The recent SKII #ChangeDestiny Campaign could not have better depicted the struggles that single women face daily, especially after hitting the 25 year old mark when most women are getting married and having children.

To All Christian Single Guys . . .

There is nothing wrong with being single. Yes, you read this right: There’s nothing wrong with you if you are not married or attached—or, for that matter, if you have never been in a relationship. Sure, God created us with the desire for love and companionship.