Girl with her boyfriend.

Artspace: To the Girl Without A Boyfriend

Title: To the Girl Without A Boyfriend
Artwork by: YMI
Description: When the single heart longs for someone to love and date, waiting for God to bring the right person into our lives can seem like an impossible task. Because, oh, imagine what joy it is to have someone we can talk to, and share our deepest secrets with, for a hand to hold and a shoulder to lean on.

Twenty-five-year-old single me desired a boyfriend very badly, and I wondered if I would ever date someone. God did eventually answer my prayer (putting myself out there also helped us to find each other), but the outcome of the relationship was and still is in His hands.

You too may have spent nights wondering if you’d ever find someone to love and date. Your desire is a legitimate one but before embarking on a relationship, there are a few things I would like you to know.


Title page with girl and her boyfriend.

Girl writing letter to her old self, shown curled up in bed.

Girl and her boyfriend eating togther, then the girl catches a glimpse of another couple taking selfie.

Girl checks her phone to find a couple posting a photo of themselves. Meanwhile, her boyfriend gives the girl her favourite piece of food from his own portion.

Girl receiving criticism from her boss, working all night, then presenting her project to a satisfied boss.

Girl knocks at someone house's door. Her friends welcome her warmly.

Girl is lying in bed sick. Her friends visited her bringing food and games.

Girl waiting at a bus stop, looking at a happy couple. Suddenly a dog came up to her. She trikes up conversation with the dog's owner.


Close up of framed photo of a couple on a table with a houseplant.


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  1. Blessy
    Blessy says:

    I’ve been single for almost 27 years of my life. There are times (multiple times*) that I think about myself being into a relationship. But everytime there is someone giving intentions of loving and courting me I try to turn away from them. But that time came where I am sure of my feelings towards someone but we’re in full circles all this time, by the time I get to confess to him he said he already has a lover, it hurts. After some time, I tried opening up my heart and see beauty in other people, I continually pray that God will give me someone that I will love.
    For now, I am still praying that the one He has for me is waiting patiently and praying for me. I will also continue to pray for Him. I can say, we are still in the waiting season and God’s will be done in our lives.

  2. joyce
    joyce says:

    I’m currently single and my yearning and desire for a relationship is on and off. Sometimes the feeling is really strong and I end up feeling very sad and lonely, wanting that exclusive person to hear my problems and random stuff that I have to say, or to spend time with me 1 on 1 as we chat deep into the night on a public bench, and to listen to him as he share with me all about his life! This happens especially when I see people around me slowly get attached. However, I do not want to just get any guy and later on regret and suffer from heartbreak. So I tell myself to trust and believe in God, that the perfect one that God has for me is out there, and that one day we will cross paths. I want a relationship with God as our anchor, so that I can have as perfect of a relationship as possible and taste what Heaven is like on earth! So currently being single, I learn to appreciate the people around me a lot! I take notice of how my family and brothers and sisters in Christ truly care for me and love me! They are always there for me no matter what, and I suggest that if the desire for a relationship is very strong for you right now, you can try to take a step back and look around you. Look at the people that you currently have in your life; be it friends, family, colleagues, classmates, or even bosses! You might just notice that whenever you are going through a hard time, they are always there for you! This can let you appreciate them more, just like how now I appreciate my family and church members a lot! And this might help you to see that you don’t always need a partner to feel love, happiness, warmth, and cared for!


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