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When Reality Doesn't Match Up With Your Dreams

“MORE!!!” Through the tiny slit of the curtain, the baying fans coalesced into one voice commanding that we come back on stage. It was a frenzy.

Unbelievable Grace

What do you expect from life? For Naomi and Ruth, they probably couldn’t expect much. We read their story in the book of Ruth.

Has God abandoned His people?

What is the current state of the church? Across the world, Christians face persecution. This has been no less evident recently in Iraq where
Person staring into the distance

What are you searching for?

The recent media attention on Robin Williams’ suicide started me thinking about how having a seemingly unquenchable void or desire in one’s life can be so devastating.
Shadow of a couple on a path

A Man's Got to Do What a Man's Got to Do

He could feel his mouth going dry. It was as if his body was…

Loving Others: Encouragement

She slumped down into the chair exhausted. It had been a horrific week at work filled with stress and anxiety. And after work, she had spent several nights preparing the engaging Sunday School lesson.

What is Forgiveness?

Recently, in RBC Ministries’ office in UK, we all completed something called a DiSC survey. Through answering a series of questions, we discovered our personality types—Dominance, Influence, Steadiness, and Conscientiousness.
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Should Christians Date?

Bubbling to the surface was months of bitterness. They stood opposite each other, not willing to look each other in the eye. Eye contact, if any, was minimal.

The Introverted Christian

My mouth was dry like the Mojave Desert. My thoughts were tired…