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Illustration of 5 rabbits

5 Blessings to Hop on This Lunar New Year

His blessings for us are not wishful thinkings, hoping against hope that they’ll come true–they are already true for those who remain true and streadfast in Him.

Letting Go

I’ve never been a particularly fast writer, but when it came to texting, my speed was somewhere in the range of “turtlelike.”

Clean, Pure Water

A small, gurgling stream in the forest. Silky ripples, floating leaves, water flowing smoothly around rocks and branches.

Running on Empty

My boss and I were driving back from a neighboring town late one night when our car rolled to a stop.

Indicted or Invited?

There are two ways most people tend to read the Bible. One is to read it mostly as an indictment of the human race. The other is to read Scripture as an invitation.

Full Tank

Bernard of Clairvaux, a 12th-century French abbot, once said, "The man who is wise . . . will see his life more like a reservoir than as a canal.

God’s Renewing Presence

I long for the cold embrace of death,” tweeted my friend’s teenage son—feigning mock despair.

Between Touches

During the time scholars refer to as His “year of opposition,” Jesus and His disciples traveled through the village of Bethsaida.

Watching Your Wait

A Fitness magazine poll of 1,000 women found that women are willing to take drastic steps to reach their ideal weight: Twenty-three percent said they would spend a week in jail.