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What If I Marry a Non-Christian?

He loves me. He’s a wonderful person—attentive and caring, generous and kind. He respects my faith, and even comes to church with me occasionally. Actually, he’s everything I could want in a partner. . . save for the fact he’s not a Christian.
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To the Friend I Tried to Evangelize

“Evangelize.” It even sounds like a dirty word, doesn’t it? An act of pushing one’s religion on another. . . a prideful way to tell someone they’ve got it totally wrong. That their worldview is wrong. That their beliefs are wrong. That they’ve got everything wrong, and I’ve got it right.

When You’re Skeptical of God’s Plan

I consider myself a very thorough decision-maker. I try to think of all possible factors, potential outcomes, and I take a long time to do it (as if more time would result in a better decision).
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Jesus Doesn’t Celebrate the 4th of July

When my plane touched down at my port of entry to the United States after four months of studying abroad, I made my way with the crowds to the customs and immigration line. Right away, my eyes fell on the label for a special, dedicated line that read, “US CITIZENS”.
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When Love Didn’t Come at First Sight

“What about Dakotah? Are you sure you two aren’t a thing?” For months I had been fielding this same question from my family and other friends from campus ministry.

“What’s Your Spiritual Gift?”—The Question I Always Dreaded

“What’s your spiritual gift?” It’s a question I’ve been asked at far too many small group meetings. That question and conversations around it have always made me uncomfortable, and I’ve only recently begun to articulate why.

When What I Do Causes Someone to Stumble

I enjoy a free and clear conscience when it comes to drinking alcohol (in moderation, of course). But my husband doesn’t drink alcohol. His family has a history of alcoholism, and because of that and other factors, he’s decided to not drink alcohol at all.

How Can We Be “In the World, But Not of It”?

In regard to my choice of college, I was fully IN the world. I attended a large state university, where students that I lived with smoked various substances, drank under-age, partied, slept around, and neglected class work.

When God’s Plan for Your Life Doesn’t Look Radical

Written by Q. Jackson, USADuring my first year of university,…