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2017: The Year My Resolutions Failed Spectacularly

I’ve had years in which I did not meet my new year resolutions, but never a year in which I failed in my resolutions as spectacularly as I did this past year.

Chester Bennington's death: Numbing the pain is not the same as healing it

It was just one of many suicides among celebrities. But the death of Chester Bennington, the frontman of American rock band Linkin Park, struck a chord among many fans of my generation.

Why Should I Still Believe in God?

I don’t see, hear, or feel God anymore. Why love God then? Why go to church then? Why believe then? Recently, a friend whom I had led to Christ seemed to have such thoughts. And they were the same thoughts that went through my mind about a decade ago.

When Good People Suffer

Ever regretted giving a testimony? When I was 19 years old, I prayed really hard to get into a scholars programme at a local university. Only three per cent of the undergraduate cohort was accepted into the programme each year.