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A woman looking out of the window with a mixed feeling during Christmas.

Celebrating Christ in the Shadow of Miscarriage

With “merry lattes” to go and gingerbread settlements taking over window displays, it is safe to say another Christmas has come calling. Yet, for me, it’s also another Christmas in the shadow of disease, social distancing, and degrees of despair.

My Child, A Gift from God, Stillborn Without A Skull

My husband and I had been waiting for God to bless us with a second child. When we finally tested positive on a pregnancy kit, we were ecstatic. Through the first 12 weeks, everything appeared healthy. But when I went in for a scan the 13th week, the sonographer found something amiss.
God gave me the changes I needed not the changes I wanted

Pregnant at 18, what was I thinking?

There was a time I believed that I had it all together. In my mind, I was the epitome of cool.