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Can a Personality Test Define Who I Am?

When I first took the test years ago, I found the result quite accurate in describing my strengths, weaknesses, moods, even the way I view romantic relationships. Since then, I had retaken the test a few more times, only to discover that the results had changed.
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Mum And I: Pretty As A Posy

What do mums and flowers have in common? They brighten up our day, have the power to turn our frowns upside down, and they come in a variety of personalities and temperance. There’s the sunny, outgoing mum, the one who adores romance, and the one who exudes timeless beauty. 

When My Personality Made Me Feel Inferior

“S”—supportive. This implies I am someone who tends to play a support role better than a leadership role. That I am always on the agreeable side, and prefer to follow, not to lead. When I searched my heart, I knew that I did naturally tend to accommodate and value harmony, and I really had no desire to lead.

What If My Personality Does Not Fit My Church?

While I was never one of the cool kids in school, I have a personality that’s easily welcomed in church. I’m bubbly. I’m a married, creative mother (bonus!) with domestic-diva interests and a bleeding heart. I’m high-capacity in my time management and irreverent in the right ways. So my gifts, talents, and temperament can really gain me respect in these circles.

I’m An Extrovert and I’m Embarrassed by It

Is anyone else out there guilty of subtly rigging your own personality assessment? You know what I’m talking about.

When Personality Tests are Damaging

Introverts are quiet, shy, and don’t like meeting people. Extraverts (or "extrovert" as this psychology term is often spelled) are loud, seek attention, and love meeting people. You’ve probably heard such descriptions of personality types.