Personal Relationship With God

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Where Our Love Story Went Wrong

“What do you find the greatest joy in?” I paused, thinking about what puts a smile on my face, what keeps me going every day, and what gives me the most happiness. “I suppose I find the greatest joy . . . in you,” I said softly. “Me too.”

When My Joys Don't Line Up With God's

"I try to pray and read the Bible, but I’m not the kind of person who posts Bible verses or articles about Jesus. I just feel guilty that I still find my hobbies, like searching for cute collectibles, a lot more fun. Is it wrong?”

8 Ways to Build a Friendship with God

I love relating to God as Father, and I worship Him as King; I want to obey Jesus, my Lord and Savior; and I desire to listen to the Holy Spirit as a Counsellor and Teacher to me.

Changing My Prayers Changed My Life

I’ve noticed something about the way we pray: We often ask the Lord to come and work in our lives.

Is Jesus our Significant Other?

Unlike many of my peers at college, I did not receive a purity ring* from my family or church when I was in high school. I know that if I had asked for one, I would have been given one

Are We Just Having Coffee Dates with God?

Sometimes, after a good, long time of Bible study, I go right into sinning. When I am alone at home, those sins that prey on solitude can easily sneak in. For me, it is often lust. And sometimes I don’t stop it.

Singleness: The Line I Can't Seem to Cross

What is the purpose of a line? It is used to separate things into two categories. From where I’m standing, the people on the other side of the line are either attached or married. And here I am, on my side of the line, waiting to cross it.

In Data We Trust

In this series of works, I explore the idea of identity and self in terms of data. As a photographer, photos are a part of me and they document my life. This work is a manifestation of my personal experience. Data loss is a nightmare to artists as our works would be lost.

Confessions of a Christian Life Hacker

Title: Confessions of a Christian Life Hacker Materials: Digital…