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ASK YMI: Why Bother Saving the Earth if There’ll Be A New Heaven and Earth One Day?

First of all, we must recognize that though this creation has been irretrievably ruined by sin, it is nonetheless part of His common grace to all humanity—a good gift from God to us. So to be wilfully ignorant of this planet’s plight, or to continue to wreck it for the sake of greed then, is to foolishly vandalize the means which God has given to sustain life, which makes us a poor steward of the temporal resources that have been entrusted to us.
Man jumping up on an abandoned road

What Difference Does Jesus Make?

The man who penned those words wrote them from a cold, lonely prison cell in about A.D. 60, chained 24/7 to a Roman guard. As he writes the letter, his reputation and good name are being dragged through the mud by rivals, jealous of his influence over the churches in Asia and Macedonia.

Paul Wong: Hotshot Lawyer to Devoted Campus Pastor

As the son of one of Singapore’s top legal minds, Paul Wong seemed to be headed in a similar direction. After studying law at Cambridge University, Paul landed a job in a prestigious law firm in London.