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Person sitting down praying with her hands on the bible

Why Should We Pray for Others?

“I will pray for you.” I believe all Christians are familiar with this sentence.
Abstract painting of 5 couples from the bible

What 5 Bible Couples Teach Us About Romance

The Bible can offer us wisdom on many different topics and in many different ways. Looking at couples in the bible can be a great way to learn about a biblical approach to relationships.
Photo of a polaroid - behind happy social media posts

Behind Happy Social Media Posts

Whenever I scroll through Facebook or microblogging site Weibo, I will always look with envy at the lovely photos of my friends’ travelling escapades, their new branded products, and delicious food that they enjoy. Based on these photos, I have to conclude that their lives must be going swimmingly.
Girl in an abandoned building

What If Your Neighbor is a Prostitute?

A few scantily-dressed women flirt with passers-by in a dimly lit alley. Some of them strike up conversations and bargain with potential customers, while others wait around for customers to offer them a price.
Couple sitting together looking at the sunset

Why Did We Break Up?

My boyfriend and I had marriage in mind when we first started dating. Hence, the possibility of us breaking up one day never crossed my mind.