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What 5 Bible Couples Teach Us About Romance

Editor’s note: The Bible can offer us wisdom on many different topics and in many different ways. Looking at couples in the bible can be a great way to learn about a biblical approach to relationships. Below are some biblical couples that may impact your view of relationships.

Couples in the Bible:

  1. Isaac and Rebekah

  2. Boaz and Ruth

  3. Joseph and Mary

  4. Aquila and Priscilla

  5. Zechariah and Elizabeth

Written By M. Tiong, Malaysia, originally in Simplified Chinese

I once thought that it was fine to start a romantic relationship as long as it felt right; I did not realize that I ought to take time to pray to God about it first. I once thought that it was time to break up when feelings faded; I did not realize that relationships needed to be nurtured. I once thought that I would be rational in romance; I did not realize that I would end up hating the other person badly and nursing my bitterness when the person left.

From puppy love in school to dating in college to being single after graduation, I have been through the whole roller coaster of emotions. It reached a point when I felt as though God no longer loved me. How come other people could start a relationship and watch it blossom and bear fruit, whereas I kept floundering? And why did I end up not only hurting myself, but hurting others as well even though I also dated with marriage in mind?

It was only later on, that I realized that I had been looking at relationships through my own lens. When things felt right, I would immediately launch into a relationship, assuming such feelings came from the “Holy Spirit”. Likewise, when problematic situations wore me out both physically and emotionally, I would assume that these were signs to break up, and as a result, let go of my relationships.

Movies, TV shows, online dating games, etc., all tell us to rely on our own feelings. We are told to chase after the romantic, the happy, and the epic. When these feelings are gone, dating and marriage should come to an end as well. But is that true? What view of romantic relationships does the Bible prescribe?

A thought came to my mind one day: Why not learn from godly couples in the Bible to find out God’s thinking?

Let me share what I have learned from five relationships in the Bible.

graphic image of Isaac and Rebekah

1. Isaac and Rebekah

Rebekah was from the same tribe as Abraham. She was selected by Abraham’s servant as a bride for Isaac (Abraham’s son) after the servant sought the Lord in prayer. Here I see a very important principle for relationships: choose a spouse from among God’s people. This choice is not random, nor should it be based on feelings—it should be the result of faithful prayer. If we get involved with unbelievers, we will have to deal with the differences in beliefs and values, or worse, we might follow the other person’s religious traditions and abandon God and His teaching.

The second thing I learned from their relationship is this: love is a decision. Although Isaac and Rebekah had not met each other before getting married, they were able to love each other their entire lives. In that time, it was not uncommon for men to have multiple wives, yet Isaac chose to spend his entire life with Rebekah alone. Their relationship shows us that when you decide to love a person and a holy covenant has been made, we can rely on God to keep us going and loving each other to the end even when difficulties arise in the marriage.


graphic image of Boaz and Ruth

2. Boaz and Ruth

Ruth was a foreigner as well as a widow. But she loved Naomi, her mother-in-law. She later followed Naomi’s advice and hinted her intentions to Boaz, and, as we all know, it was a happy ending for Boaz, Ruth, and Naomi. From this story, I learned that God does not look down on anyone whatever their background may be. What He cares about is our hearts. Ruth chose to believe in God―the same God her mother-in-law believed. She was also obedient to this beloved elder, and so she was blessed in the end, and even named in Jesus’ genealogy.

I used to think that only those who married their first boyfriend/girlfriend had relationships blessed by God. But it is not so. God accepts us no matter what our pasts are. Interestingly, I also saw from Ruth and Boaz’s marriage that women do not have to wait for men to make the first move in a relationship. Sometimes, a woman can give timely and appropriate hints to “less observant” men. Of course, this is on the condition that any action taken is in accordance with God’s will. As for men, they should think things through and ask older Christians for advice before making a move.


graphic image of Joseph and Mary

3. Joseph and Mary

When Mary became pregnant with Jesus through the Holy Spirit, Joseph wanted to avoid divorcing her publicly so as to protect her name and her life. In that patriarchal era, the engaged man had the right to publicly divorce his fiancée, and the woman would be stoned to death for committing adultery. But Joseph did not do so because he loved Mary and feared God. Mary was also a God-fearing woman, and so willingly accepted the risks that came with her pregnancy.

Loving someone is proven by action. Joseph proved his love for Mary by respecting, protecting and marrying her. When evil men came after them to kill baby Jesus, they supported each other the entire way. This is one God-fearing couple who shared in both the good and bad times for the sake of God. To share the same faith as our spouse, and to be willing to commit to Christ and to each other, is a beautiful thing.


graphic image of Aquila and Priscilla

4. Aquila and Priscilla

Although this biblical couple is not as well-known as the others we’ve looked at so far, I really admire their commitment to God in the New Testament. Though they were busy with work, they always warmly welcomed God’s servants Paul and Apollos (Acts 18). They opened up their home as a meeting place (1 Corinthians 16) and actively pursued any opportunity to add to God’s kingdom.

God not only wants families to be saved, but also to serve. Opening up one’s home not only incurs extra financial costs, but also a lot of time and energy. Here, we see an example of active ministry by lay people: “Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind” (Matthew 22:37), and “but as for me and my household, we will serve the Lord” (Joshua 24:15).

Also, two are better than one. In addition to sharing the ups and downs of life, a couple can pray for each other, serve God, and minister to people together. This is a beautiful picture. When I consider the families I know where one spouse is passionate about ministry but the other is not, I am all the more convinced of the importance of praying for a like-minded future spouse. Only when two people are of a similar maturity and mind, can they build a family with Christ at the head.


graphic image of Zechariah and Elizabeth

5. Zechariah and Elizabeth

According to Luke 1, Zechariah and Elizabeth served the Lord faithfully despite their old age. I especially remember the part where Zechariah was serving as a priest when God’s messenger appeared to him, telling him that his prayer had been answered and that God would give him a son. This reminded me that God is always listening to our prayers, but whether or not those prayers are answered depends on God’s will.

Although we also see the weaknesses of Zechariah and Elizabeth―Zechariah was temporarily mute because of his lack of faith, and Elizabeth was initially afraid to tell people about her pregnancy―yet this did not hinder God from using them to accomplish His plans. When the child was born, they obeyed God and named him John. And after praying for so many years for their own child, Zechariah and Elizabeth were willing to give him up to God’s work, and to obey God in naming their child. Such surrender is something I need to learn. 

These five couples in the bible all have their own weaknesses, yet they share one thing in common: both partners feared and obeyed God. The example of Aquila and Priscilla especially reminded me that I must serve the Lord at any time in any place.


Learn More from Other Biblical Couples

The Bible has many other examples that can teach us about relationships. The five biblical couples above are only a handful, but these are the ones that have touched me deeply. Through studying them, I am better able to face the insecurities caused by my past relationships. These couples also inspire me to build a proper, God-pleasing view of relationship, and help me re-focus on God Himself. I hope that all I have learned about relationships can also help bring light to you in your own relationships.

12 replies
  1. Kamera
    Kamera says:

    I wholeheartedly agree with this article has to say about love & relationships. You should always pray and seek guidance before entering into a relationship and not just go by “feelings.” Great article

  2. Vrindah Nirmel
    Vrindah Nirmel says:

    I loved this article and it was a great help in understanding more about relationships and marriage from a biblical perspective. Thanks for it 🙂

  3. Laird
    Laird says:

    Your article is most thoughtful. I wholeheartedly agree that holy marriage should be the goal and consistent prayer should be the “bridge”. You wrote, “…Elizabeth was initially afraid to tell people about her pregnancy…”; however, one translation gives a perspective from a woman’s view:

    “When the course of his priestly assignment was completed, he went back home. It wasn’t long before his wife, Elizabeth, conceived. She went off by herself for five months, relishing her pregnancy. “So, this is how God acts to remedy my unfortunate condition!” she said.” Lu 1:25 MSG

    Obviously, a man would not have such a perception. Overall, though, a thoughtful article.

    • Ps Simon Ngobeni
      Ps Simon Ngobeni says:

      This article is shedding so much light in as far as the married couple should approach their marriage life together.It is my desire and always has been that Christian believers who who desire to bet married should be exposed to such article which can be a great help to inspire them to be great couples in marriage that would exhibit the fear of the Lord. Great article,I love it.

  4. Jane
    Jane says:

    I loved reading this. Lately God has being working on me in terms of the way I viewed relationships. And I feel I have a long way to go. But I am so glad. Keep writing woman of God. May God bless you ✝️

  5. Jamie
    Jamie says:

    I just started my first relationship with an amazing Christian boy 🙂 This article was an answer to prayer for me. I don’t have any close examples of Godly couples in my life, and this article was very helpful and reassuring <3 God bless

  6. Darren Pals
    Darren Pals says:

    First time dating in a while and thought to myself…what couples in The Bible were like. So here I found your article. Thanks for the easy read but very informative read. I will look back at this in the process of my dating life and marriage life when the time comes.

  7. Chinyere Adeyemo
    Chinyere Adeyemo says:

    Thank you very much for this article, I found it inspiring.

    Your examples made me also realize that the bible has different categories of couples – from Isaac and Rebecca who never dated or courted but made a success of their marriage to Boaz and Ruth who were generations apart and also made a success of theirs.

    Kind hearted Joseph who on his own chose not to embarrass Mary after he discovered she was pregnant, till the Holy Spirit spoke to him about the pregnancy, to Aquilla and Priscilla who served with their resources and elderly Zechariah and his wife Elizabeth.

    I learnt that whatever couple category we fall in, we can make our marriages work with God’s help if we choose to.


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