The Appeal of The Young Messiah

For anyone who has ever wondered if that was how Jesus was like as a boy, The Young Messiah, an American biblical drama, addresses this very question, presenting a fresh and interesting take on a seven-year-old Jesus.

ODJ: power in His name

After dropping my kids off at school, I drove onto a busy road and turned on some Christian music. Worrying my way through a long to-do list, I started to feel overwhelmed. Just then, I saw a sign in the back window of a car that read JESUS. At the same moment, the name Jesus was sung by someone on the radio. Hearing and seeing “Jesus” in the same instant snapped me out of my

ODJ: is Mary really right?

When I was in seventh grade, my math teacher showed me two separate lines that had arrows at their ends. One had the arrows pointed inward like this: >-<. The other had the arrows pointed outward like this: <->. My teacher asked me which of the two lines was longer and I answered that it was the one with the arrows pointed inward. He took out a ruler and measured them, showing me that

ODJ: God is with us

On Christmas Eve in 1968, Apollo VIII became the first manned vehicle to circle the moon. Because it was nearly Christmas, the 3-man crew was asked to say something appropriate to mark their historic mission. From thousands of miles in outer space, Genesis 1:1-10 was broadcast to earth: “In the beginning God . . .” In his autobiography Countdown, Frank Bowman, one of the three

ODJ: one amazing Saviour

Margaret Felten is one amazing mum. When I was a child, she offered hugs and kisses when I skinned a knee or was feeling sad and confused. Later she showed me what sacrifice and godly wisdom is all about—modelling a Christ-like path for me to follow. In my adult years she stood with my wife, Lynn, and me, praying for us as we faced life’s battles. When I fought a life-threatening ill

ODJ: rather odd . . .

Apart from Me, you can do nothing.When I read John 15:5 the other day, the words of Jesus struck me as rather odd: “Those who remain in me, and I in them, will produce much fruit. For apart from me you can do nothing.” I then wondered how these words might have struck the disciples when they heard them. Did they think of Jesus as a dictator, a type of control freak who wanted to keep

ODJ: the same Jesus

In C. S. Lewis’ book Prince Caspian, the Pevensie children are once again summoned from our world back to Narnia—this time to help Prince Caspian. At first, Lucy is the only one in all of Narnia who can see and hear Aslan—the great lion and creator king of Narnia. Initially she sees brief flashes, but soon young Lucy is convinced that she sees him.When Aslan finally reve

ODJ: well, that’s just perfect!

The seminar speaker emphasised a positive mental approach to everything. And I’m okay with that, for the most part. She elaborated on how we might stay positive in the face of annoyances.

ODJ: the gift

Most people aren’t naturally wired to say they can die in peace. One has to experience something profound to mouth those words! But that’s precisely what Simeon said as he held baby Jesus in