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Facing “For Worse” In My Marriage

I uttered those words over a year ago on May 28 to my then-girlfriend on our wedding day. The events of that day seemed to pass by quickly and before we knew it, we were changing our Facebook status from “In a relationship” to “married”.
Woman with her hands up to her face

The Day I Couldn’t Feel My Face

Sometime after Christmas last year, my face froze. Literally. I couldn’t control my facial muscle movement. I lost the ability to blink and frown. Smiling became impossible as well.

When I was Angry with God

Have you ever been angry with God because of an illness, a physical disability, poverty, or family problems? I have. Several years ago, I felt some pain in my back, but didn’t think of going to see a doctor.

How Should We Respond to Illness?

As a medical social worker, I provide support to people who have suffered the loss of physical ability, mental capacity, or both. In my course of work, I’ve come across many patients and family members who face difficult circumstances because of their illnesses.