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A woman looks depress and hopeless in her office

I Quit My Job for My Mental Health

Backstabbing colleagues. Inattentive managers. An unmanageable, ever-growing workload. These were a few of the factors that made me quit my job.
Girl holding phone - single and feeling left behind

How God Met Me Where I Was—Single and Feeling Left Behind

I have been longing for a partner for as long as I can remember. However, my plans of getting married young did not happen. And now that I’m in my 30s—and still single—there are days when I feel incredibly lonely.
Image of a lady with her face covered by a sun hat

I Kept My Anxiety a Secret Because I Was Ashamed

Living with anxiety feels like living with this giant called "fear", shadowing me everywhere I go. I had little confidence in doing new things and meeting new people. I had a lot of battles of the mind which could be quite negative, chaotic, and exhausting.
Girl standing in front of a galaxy projector covering her eyes

I Lost My Virginity But Not My Faith

 I was an early bloomer in terms of romantic relationships, and started having long-term relationships since the age of 15. My first relationship was with a Christian. Both of us believed in God, but that didn’t automatically mean that our relationship was a healthy one.