ODJ: one before the other

The question I felt needed to be answered affirmatively before I married Miska was this: Can I live without her? My intentions were romantic and chivalrous, but my focus was dead wrong. I discovered that there was probably nobody that I literally could not live without. In time I found the better question to ask myself: Do I want to live without Miska?

Moses discovered that finding the

ODJ: worry less

According to the World Health Organization, Americans are more prone to anxiety than people in other nations. The study revealed that 31 percent of Americans suffer from this disorder at some point in their lifetime. The chief culprits that lead to this anxiety are money, work and the pressure to achieve and succeed. According to the study, Americans’ anxiety is five times higher than that of pe

ODJ: knowing our place

I recently read of a man who started a church and saw it grow and flourish over the years. But unlike some pastors whose fingers have to be pried from the pulpit, this man began grooming a younger man to take over his church. Why? Because he felt God was calling him to do so. And, at just 51 years old, this healthy, dynamic pastor humbly moved on as his 30 year old protégé took his place.

ODJ: whose will?

Generation Ex-Christian is a book about younger 
 believers leaving Christianity. Drew Dyck, the 
 author of the book, chronicles one interview he had with a young man who left Christianity to join the Wiccans: “Ultimately why I left is that the Christian God demands that you submit to His will. In Wicca, it’s just the other way around. Your will is paramount. We believe in gods and goddes

ODJ: the critical move

Mystery novelist Agatha Christie once suggested that the best way to tell a story that will leave an audience guessing to the end is to conceal the “critical move” with a “big move”. A mysterious film that stumped me till the end is The Sixth Sense. 
 The big move was a therapist who started to see a young boy who claimed to see dead people. The critical move that took countless viewers

ODB: Cape Tribulation

On June 10, 1770, British navigator James Cook’s ship hit a reef off the northeast coast of Australia. He sailed the ship out into deeper water only to hit the reef again, and this time the collision almost sank the ship. This experience moved Cook to write in the ship’s log: “The north point [was named] Cape Tribulation because here began all our troubles.”Many of us have experienced a tr

ODJ: a private problem

Pastor. Husband. Father. Sex addict. Nate Larkin’s addiction first began after he visited the red-light district. He was on a sponsored field trip at the time, intending to educate Bible college students about the sex industry.

ODJ: true freedom

Many countries annually exercise their freedom to literally change time. I experienced this timely change when I was in America a few years ago. During my visit in the spring, I witnessed Daylight Savings Time—a national law that calls for all clocks to be set back by one hour. It’s designed to save energy, and it also leads to lighter mornings for children who are heading to school. Interesti

ODJ: the rolling stone

Jesus was dead—witnessed by His executioners (Mark 15:37-39), confirmed by Pilate (15:44-45) and attested by two high-court judges who prepared His lifeless body for burial (v.43; John 3:1,19:38-39). Jesus was laid in a new tomb that had been carved out of rock. The entrance was sealed by an extremely large, round stone (Mark 15:46). It would take many strong men to move the 1 to 2 tonne door. T