ODJ: how to be strong

Unfinished business. Too much to do. 

These are words from a poem by George R. Foster. And perhaps that’s how you feel sometimes as you serve God in your church, workplace, school or home. 

Timothy was feeling timid and weak in the Lord’s service when the apostle Paul wrote to encourage him: “Timothy, my dear son, be strong through the grace that God giv

ODJ: the bedrock

Our recent move to the countryside has been an adventure in many ways. The stars are amazing in the open sky, bugs and spiders exist in abundance and water from a well tastes pretty good. Recently my son’s friend was visiting from the city and we explained to him how our well works. My husband and I both paused as we considered how it symbolised a spiritual truth. The work crew had drilled down

The Perfect Game Plan: Opportunities Abound

Homare Sawa, Japan’s captain for the FIFA 2011 Women’s World Cup tournament in Germany, not only drove her team to become world champions but also personally collected the competition’s Golden Boot award.

ODJ: the one who sees

I recently stumbled across an online thread titled “I Am So Freaking Tired of Being Hurt.” It’s part of a website that invites people to share difficult life experiences such as battling cancer or facing a marriage crisis.

Hagar certainly could have added her life story to this thread (Genesis 16:1-6). As an Egyptian slave girl, she already lived a difficult life. She was essenti

The Kite's Master

By Kristine Dichoso Hubilla When Jesus preached during His…

ODJ: abundance

The other day I took my son to a baseball batting cage and paid for eight sets of 25 pitches. To our pleasant surprise, when the round finished, the balls kept coming—and coming. The machine had malfunctioned and as a result it kept delivering an abundance of pitches. This reminded me of the time a friend’s 5 year old daughter woke up and said, “Last night I had the best dream. I w

ODJ: Shepherd in the shadows

A fretful parishioner once came to a famous preacher’s office, feeling disturbed and frightened. “Two men are following me everywhere I go”, she said. Because he was aware of the woman’s overactive imagination, the preacher said kindly, “Oh, I know exactly who these men are.” “Who?” she asked. “They are goodness and mercy”, he replied.

Psalm 23

ODJ: breaking bread

Several years ago, a friend and I were dining in a restaurant’s outdoor seating area. As we neared the end of our dinner we noticed a man watching us from the pavement. His clothes were dirty, his face haggard. He walked up to us and with a cracked voice said, “When you finish your meal, if you have any leftovers, would you mind if I ate them?” We invited him to sit down, and we asked the

ODJ: waking to our hunger

When our boys come home from school or return to the house from playing, they utter predictable words amidst moans: “I’m starving. I’m going to die if I don’t eat”. They descend on me and my wife like vultures, insisting they’ll keel over at any moment if food doesn’t arrive. Usually, however, as we list the healthy snacks available to them (nuts, fruit, yogurt), they brush each poss