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#firstworldproblems: Legit or Trivial?

As a Singaporean, I’m well-acquainted with the fact that I live in a “first-world country.” This in turn means that I’ve had my share of “first-world problems.” For example, taking the subway during peak hour.

Are We Really #Blessed?

Recently, I was intrigued to learn that one of the hashtags that took social media by storm in the past few years wasn’t a new concept—or new word, for that matter. It was the word “blessed”. A quick scroll through Instagram will show at least 72 million posts tagged with #blessed.
Couple holding hands and a pair of baby shoes

It’s Not Over after a Miscarriage

Earlier this year, a couple whom I was close to shared with me that they were expecting another addition to their family. The wife was six weeks’ pregnant.

How Should the Church Respond to Health Disorders?

Clare* sat up in bed, half an hour past her bedtime. “What’s wrong?” her mother asked, as the 10-year-old proceeded to dash out of her room.

When Did You Last Try to “Fix” Yourself?

It’s a bad day at work. One of the kids is acting up again. This time, he’s putting his legs up onto his chair. Regardless of how many times I tell him to put them down, he refuses. Each time I repeat myself, it sounds like I’m nagging.

What is the Mark of A Great Man?

Exactly a year ago, my country lost a remarkable man. Mr Lee Kuan Yew, Singapore’s founding prime minister, passed away at the age of 91 on 23 March, 2015, after battling severe pneumonia.