Why Is Waiting on God So Hard?

“How long do I have to wait?” I asked myself this question every day. I had recently stopped working my job in the US because of an unexpected delay in my immigration paperwork, and had no idea when it would be resolved.

Editor’s Picks: Best of "Why Do I Think?"

As we’ve spent the last three months looking at what it looks like to love God with all of our minds—we’ve been asking the question, “Why do I Think?”.

Dear Doubting Christian, God Is Not Afraid of Your Questions

I am filled with grief when I see how Christians treat doubt and doubters. For whatever my words are worth, I want to offer a profound apology for any time you’ve been written off easily by Christians in your circle—maybe even made to feel as though you’re “not really one of us” because you struggle to believe what others claim comes so naturally to them.

Are You Questioning What You Believe?

Lately, I’ve found myself questioning what I believe. I wouldn’t call it a crisis of faith, but I have some legitimate questions that have been shaking me up a bit.

How I Managed Doubt In My Life

When I was in primary school, I used to stammer. This speech impediment hampered my conversations with friends, teachers, and parents, leaving me with feelings of inadequacy.

Six Years On and (Still) Surrendering to God

Written By Edna Ho, Malaysia Six years after accepting Christ,…

God is unfair

God is unfair. He is biased. Partiality is in Him. We have compelling evidences to proof this is true. First, consider Case 01: Jeremy.

ODJ: on the fence

Picture a car perched atop a metal fence—the front end on one side and the back bumper on the other side. Law enforcement agents discovered this unlikely scene when they foiled an attempt by smugglers to cross the American border from Mexico illegally. Two men had driven up ramps to the top of the 14 foot fence, and hoped to drive the car down the same way to their desired destination. When the

ODJ: true

A groom stands at the end of the aisle, transfixed by his beautiful bride in her white, flowing gown. As they exchange their rings and say their marriage vows, the groom thinks to himself, This is too good to be true! In another corner of the world, a nurse places a newborn child in her mother’s arms. As the mum lovingly gazes at the pink face and tiny fingers, she’s filled with jo